Categories of Brides

In my experience, I have found that most weddings fit into one of the following three categories (with variations in each category):

1. Simple
If you hear a bride say she is only spending $10,000 on a wedding, she is likely having what I consider a simple wedding.  She’s not having a plated dinner, significant arrangements on every table, a band, etc., etc.  She is doing a lot of DIY projects and probably has friends and family pitching in.

I am so proud of these types of brides because of their dedication and hard work!  If I had to equate this type of bride with clothes, I’d say this is a nice Target wedding with boutique accessories here or there.  Lots of character but understated.

2. Moderate
The next bride is the moderate bride, the most typical bride in my world.  Her expectations are a little higher.  She has the extra money and is involved with how it’s spent.  She may still struggle with her budget from time to time (even though it’s probably $25,000-$70,000+) because with a bigger budget comes bigger dreams.  She wants a beautiful location, interesting dress, possibly a larger guest count, higher quality food, usually a band, and definitely impressive decor.  While she wants to be involved, she looks to a professional for help because she wants everything to be as perfect as possible.

This is a name-brand and/or high end department store shopper with lots of boutique touches.

3. Fantasy
Finally, there is the fantasy wedding.  These are the big weddings you see on TV and in magazines and have no idea how much they cost.   Truth be told, some things we and they don’t know until it’s done either because if they want something, they get it.  Show stopper dress, great entertainment, lush blooms everywhere, tons of food, details for days.

Definitely a personal shopper, couture kind of gal.

No matter what kind of bride you are or budget you have, you can have a beautiful wedding as long as you keep your expectations in line with your budget.  Be creative. Do your research. And let go of things you can’t afford to have.  The day after your wedding, you’ll be married to your best friend and that’s the most important thing!

Happy planning!